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Belchim Tough 5EC (pyridate) Updates - 2018 Crop Year

Apr 23, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Section 18 request for Tough 5EC herbicide (pyridate) has been approved by the EPA for the 2018 crop year. This emergency registration has been approved in the following states: WA, ID, OR.  We are awaiting approvals in the Midwest states and will notify you as soon as possible. 
Please note that the expiration date is listed on the label. This date differs between states. The Oregon and Idaho expiration date is August 10, 2018.  The Washington expiration date is August 31, 2018.  

  • You must sign a waiver of liability and indemnification agreement before you purchase product.

    Your supplier will have the waiver agreement available or you can download one from this website (see link below). These need to be signed and returned to the Mint Industry Research Council in order to purchase and use the product.
  • Send the signed agreement form to the MIRC:
    • Email - Scan the completed form and email it to
    • Fax – Fax the form to 503-581-6819
    • Mail – Mail the form to MIRC, PO Box 4059, Salem, OR 97302
  • You need to be in possession of your state’s specific Section 18 label. You or your supplier can download the label from the Belchim Crop Protection USA website at when you purchase the product.
  • You need to return all unused herbicide in the original unopened container back to your supplier by EPA mandated date.  All product must be sprayed or returned. Updates on timeline will be forthcoming. 


Tough Indemnification Agreement

Idaho Section 18 Label

Indiana Section 18 Label

Michigan Section 18 Label

Oregon Section 18 Label

Washington Section 18 Label

Wisconsin Section 18 Label