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Tough Herbicide Supply Update

Jul 11, 2018

Many of you have or are planning on taking advantage of the 2018 Section 18 registration of Tough herbicide.  There have been several questions and comments concerning the product availability in distribution.  Belchim Crop Protection has assured us that there is still available supply in many retail locations in the states of Washington, Idaho, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The allotment has been sold in the state of Oregon.  The Section 18 registration dictates how much herbicide can be allocated and applied in each state.  The EPA holds us to the total allowable amount, and when that is met then there is no more product allowed in that state. 

If you are in need of Tough and cannot find it through your retailer, then you can contact the following Belchim representatives who can help you:

Washington and Idaho: 
Jeff Benton (509) 991-0292 

David Young (217) 369-9757

Indiana and Michigan: 
Troy Dean (302) 290-1569 
REMINDER – YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A SIGNED INDEMNITY AGREEMENT IF YOU ARE GOING TO OR HAVE USED TOUGH HERBICIDE.  This is required by the EPA for all Section 18 registrations.  If you have not done so, then please complete and sign the form and send it to the MIRC office as soon as possible.  This is critical to obtaining future registrations such as Tough herbicide.
If you have any questions, contact Steve Salisbury at (503) 551-3747 or